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Before you go hit the slots UK we recommend you study up on these basics. Slots machines are one of the most exciting and favorite games found in any casino. There are players all across the world who only play slots and some do so religiously. The slot machines are also the most eye-catching of any game in a casino. The flashing lights, bells, and whistles gain your attention like no other game. There are hundreds of different slots available in both land-based casinos and online. Each game has its own special rules, bonuses, payouts, and jackpots. But no matter what specific slot game you happen to play, there are some strategies you need to know. These 12 slot machine basic tips can help you to minimize your losses and maximize your potential winnings.

12 Slot Machine Basic Tips

Slots Basic Tip #1 – Find the slot machine with the highest payout. This can be tricky sometimes because sometimes one machine may give a higher payout than another but only during a bonus game. If you are not sure which slot machine may be higher, do a little research beforehand. Go online and look it up. Somewhere there should be a listing that gives the machines highest payout.

Slots Basic Tip #2 – Before you sign up to play either online or at a live casino, check out the casino’s slot machine bonuses and promotions. Online casinos offer sign-up bonuses and a cash-back percentage on a first deposit. If you are playing at a land-based casino, check out the casino’s promotions. Most have a player’s club you can sign-up for that gives bonuses and specials.

Slots Basic Tip #3 – Just about every slot machine can be played for one coin, two coins, or three. No matter what machine it is, you should always play the maximum bet. The reason for this is because most machines will not let you be eligible for the jackpot if you do not play the maximum. Also, many bonus games and extra winnings cannot be accessed if you do not play the max. If the maximum bet on one machine is too much for your budget, then switch to a machine with a lower coin value. You may not win as much but you also will not lose as much.

Slots Basic Tip #4 – If you are going to be playing slots for a long time, then only play single lines. By doing this you will still be eligible for the jackpot (as long as you play the maximum bet) but will be able to play for longer because it minimizes your losses. You’ll be able to save a lot of your bankroll by doing this.

Slots Basic Tip #5 – An important thing to remember is to keep track of your money. Regularly check to see how much of your bankroll you have left. If you are losing too much, too fast, then slow down and switch to a slot machine with a lower coin denomination. Also, set a limit on your bankroll that you intend to play with for the duration. Don’t go over that bankroll limit. Too many players use up their bankroll and then make a trip to the ATM to empty out their savings. Don’t make that mistake. A good practice is to leave your checkbook and credit cards at home (except maybe one for meals and a room). Only use the cash that you take with you to play with.

Slots Basic Tip #6 – Don’t be intimidated by the new slot machines. Today’s machines are full of special bonus rules, animation, digital sound effects, and the like. But all slot machines still have the same basic function. You put your coins in the machine, the reels spin, and the symbols that hit can have anywhere from a big payout to no payout.

Slots Basic Tip #7 – Be realistic about your potential winnings. Too many people go into a casino thinking that they are going to break the house then get frustrated when they either lose or win only enough to break even. Not everyone can be a big winner. That is part of the allure of casinos: the idea that you COULD be a big winner. The majority of people who play casino games end up losing more than they win.

Slots Basic Tip #8 – Stick to slots with three reels, one payline, and a low jackpot. The reason behind this is because slots with small jackpots have smaller but more frequent payouts than machines with larger jackpots. The potential for a bigger win is in the larger jackpots but the odds are against you winning as often. Also, the more reels on the machine, the lower your odds are of winning.

Slots Basic Tip #9 – The results of each spin of the reels are completely independent from each other. This means that a slot machine is never due to hit a jackpot. If you have been playing a machine and quit and someone comes in behind you and hits the jackpot, you didn’t lose anything. It’s completely random.

Slots Basic Tip #10 – Avoid playing on machines with a progressive jackpot. These slots offer huge and tempting jackpots but the random number generators in the machines are programmed to produce a higher number of reels and symbols which greatly decrease your chances of winning.

Slots Basic Tip #11 – Slow down and pay attention. Players who quickly keep shoving money into a machine and pressing the button are less likely to keep track of their money. The faster you play does not mean the faster you will win. More than likely you are just going to run through all of your money that much quicker.

Slots Basic Tip #12 – The loosest slot machines are usually going to be in high traffic areas. These machines will likely be near the cashier, main casino aisles, restaurants, and shops. The machines with the best payout will always be out where other people can see players winning. It’s just good advertising.


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