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Is Online Poker Harder in 2021?

Video poker is our favourite game to play but online poker continues to be a fascinating area of discussion. Players continue to play and are regularly asking the question whether it’s harder now than in years gone by. In this article we’ll try to answer that question concisely for you.

New Crossovers Make It Easier

First things first, there are hundreds of thousands of players joining online poker in 2021 that have never played before. These players have been watching it on Twitch or a Malaysia online casino and decide to give it a try. The majority of these players lack a fundamental understanding of how online poker works. They probably know the rules and that’s it. To beat these players, you just need some experience and good grounding in strategy. You can finally these players at tournaments under $30 and cash games under $50.

More Advanced Software

Unfortunately, in some games online poker is definitely more challenging than years ago. This is due to the increase in available poker software. The software online is advanced and allows you to track players stats, results and be a tool for improving through reviewing your own hands. Some software even uses range analysis to help players learn the “perfect” play. This has definitely made the mid stakes games harder in 2021.

Bots for Rakeback

I am torn on whether the usage of “bots” has made online poker harder or not. Most bots are not very advanced and used for rakeback purposes. In other words, they may only break-even at low stakes games but are churning rakeback for their masters. Whilst bots are prohibited on all online poker sites, they do exist, albeit in low volume. They’re not something to be overly concerned by yet but something to keep on your radar all the same. Perhaps in 2022 or 2023 they will become more advanced but for now they’ve not made online poker any harder, in my opinion.


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