Top tips for playing Video Poker with Realtime Gaming and Cryptologic

If you’re a fan of poker but like to stay away from table games when you’re playing online, then video poker is the ideal solution. Set out in a slots format but offering you the chance to play the popular rules of poker, video poker is a great way to indulge in your favorite game whilst playing against a computer. However, if you want to play with Realtime Gaming (RTG) or Cryptologic software, then there are a few important variations which you must include in your game play.

RTG Video Poker Differences

Whilst RTG has no major differences in the actual gaming of video poker, its wagering system is different. Instead of video poker games automatically withdrawing wagered amounts from your online casino account, you have to preload the game with a certain amount of credits. These can then be played with, transferring more credits into the game as you play. Likewise, you must ensure that you transfer winnings back to your account at the end of your gaming session as this too is not automatic. Though credits can be cashed back to your account at any time, they will remain in the game if you forget to release them.


Developing a Video Poker Bankroll Strategy

With this slight change in bankroll, a new question will arise; how much should be transferred initially? This will of course be highly varied depending on how much you’ve played video poker before and how much time you intend on playing the slot for. It is best to take a responsible approach to your bankroll, and set limits of how much you transfer for specific periods of time. For example, if you want to play with 1,000 credits for an hour, then only transfer 1,000 credits. If they run out before the hour is up then you should attempt to not reload any more money into the game. Likewise, when the hour ends, you should transfer out all of your remaining credits back into your casino balance.