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Is Online Poker Harder in 2021?

Video poker is our favourite game to play but online poker continues to be a fascinating area of discussion. Players continue to play and are regularly asking the question whether it’s harder now than in years gone by. In this article we’ll try to answer that question concisely for you.

New Crossovers Make It Easier

First things first, there are hundreds of thousands of players joining online poker in 2021 that have never played before. These players have been watching it on Twitch or a Malaysia online casino and decide to give it a try. The majority of these players lack a fundamental understanding of how online poker works. They probably know the rules and that’s it. To beat these players, you just need some experience and good grounding in strategy. You can finally these players at tournaments under $30 and cash games under $50.

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Learn How to Be a Better Video Poker Player

Video poker is a great game for players of all levels and this is why it is definitely a popular choice for a great many people, whether they be beginners or veteran gamblers. Some might think that playing video poker and slots is basically the same, however the main difference between playing pokies and playing video poker is that, with video poker, you have a chance to come up with and employ a strategy based on your skills. Slots however are simply games of chance.

The fact that you can’t really lose more than your initial bet in video poker makes strategizing a lot easier, but there are other things you might like to keep in mind in order to ease your efforts and maximize your wins.

Even though it’s common sense and everyone’s heard it before, you would be surprised how many people forget the basic, most essential game-changing factor for making your video-poker experience rewarding and fun. The number one tip to enhance your ultimate results at video poker, is to be observant.

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Basic Slots Strategy

Before you go hit the slots UK we recommend you study up on these basics. Slots machines are one of the most exciting and favorite games found in any casino. There are players all across the world who only play slots and some do so religiously. The slot machines are also the most eye-catching of any game in a casino. The flashing lights, bells, and whistles gain your attention like no other game. There are hundreds of different slots available in both land-based casinos and online. Each game has its own special rules, bonuses, payouts, and jackpots. But no matter what specific slot game you happen to play, there are some strategies you need to know. These 12 slot machine basic tips can help you to minimize your losses and maximize your potential winnings.

12 Slot Machine Basic Tips

Slots Basic Tip #1 – Find the slot machine with the highest payout. This can be tricky sometimes because sometimes one machine may give a higher payout than another but only during a bonus game. If you are not sure which slot machine may be higher, do a little research beforehand. Go online and look it up. Somewhere there should be a listing that gives the machines highest payout.

Slots Basic Tip #2 – Before you sign up to play either online or at a live casino, check out the casino’s slot machine bonuses and promotions. Online casinos offer sign-up bonuses and a cash-back percentage on a first deposit. If you are playing at a land-based casino, check out the casino’s promotions. Most have a player’s club you can sign-up for that gives bonuses and specials.

Slots Basic Tip #3 – Just about every slot machine can be played for one coin, two coins, or three. No matter what machine it is, you should always play the maximum bet. The reason for this is because most machines will not let you be eligible for the jackpot if you do not play the maximum. Also, many bonus games and extra winnings cannot be accessed if you do not play the max. If the maximum bet on one machine is too much for your budget, then switch to a machine with a lower coin value. You may not win as much but you also will not lose as much.

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Top tips for playing Video Poker with Realtime Gaming and Cryptologic

If you’re a fan of poker but like to stay away from table games when you’re playing online, then video poker is the ideal solution. Set out in a slots format but offering you the chance to play the popular rules of poker, video poker is a great way to indulge in your favorite game whilst playing against a computer. However, if you want to play with Realtime Gaming (RTG) or Cryptologic software, then there are a few important variations which you must include in your game play.

RTG Video Poker Differences

Whilst RTG has no major differences in the actual gaming of video poker, its wagering system is different. Instead of video poker games automatically withdrawing wagered amounts from your online casino account, you have to preload the game with a certain amount of credits. These can then be played with, transferring more credits into the game as you play. Likewise, you must ensure that you transfer winnings back to your account at the end of your gaming session as this too is not automatic. Though credits can be cashed back to your account at any time, they will remain in the game if you forget to release them.


Developing a Video Poker Bankroll Strategy

With this slight change in bankroll, a new question will arise; how much should be transferred initially? This will of course be highly varied depending on how much you’ve played video poker before and how much time you intend on playing the slot for. It is best to take a responsible approach to your bankroll, and set limits of how much you transfer for specific periods of time. For example, if you want to play with 1,000 credits for an hour, then only transfer 1,000 credits. If they run out before the hour is up then you should attempt to not reload any more money into the game. Likewise, when the hour ends, you should transfer out all of your remaining credits back into your casino balance.

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Five tips to win at video poker

To win at video poker, you will need to have plenty of luck and some great skills. You will need to have luck when you receive your cards. However, when we are discussing about the necessary skills, we need to mention more aspects. It does not matter what kind of game play strategy you use, you can always depend on the following tips to win at video poker.

  1. Use only Full Pay Machines when you play

Before you even begin playing, you will need to analyze the payout schedule, as they will point out the winnings that you will receive at every hand. You need to know that 9/6 is a full pay in a Jacks or Better Video Poker game. Therefore, in case you make a Flush, you will obtain 6 coins, and when you make a Full House, you will obtain 9 coins. Most of the casinos pay out less than 9/6, so don`t expect to win big money when playing in the long run.

  1. Try to play max coins

A popular mistake performed by most beginner players is to play fewer coins at the hands. To obtain more coins when you make a Royal Flush, you need to bet max coins. You should play at a low coin size in case you worry that your bankroll will finish too fast. You can always play a free version of video poker to get used to the playing styles.

  1. Don`t play more than you can afford

Winning in Video Poker involves having some luck. Don`t try to increase your luck pumping coins into the machine. You will not be able to win every day, so don`t exaggerate in your bets. You need to quit playing as soon as you reached the limit of money that you are willing to lose.

  1. Be patient

In this game, you will be facing a machine, and there is no time limit involved. Pay attention to the cards that you receive every hand. Make your move carefully since there is no time limit involved in the game. Wait until you are ready to press the draw button.

  1. Benefit from the “Play for Free” Games

Playing free games can help you increase your experience in case you are at the beginning of the road. You will find a “Play for free” version of the game at every online casino that you choose. You can develop and improve your own strategy simply by taking advantage of these free versions.

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Jacks or Better Basic Rules and Strategies

Years ago you could walk into a casino, head straight to the bar for an adult beverage, and play video poker slots on the countertop. It was a way to keep the customers gambling, and you a way to win some money. Even though some would say the odds at the bar were worse than on the floor, this is just a myth. This is just a myth and the same goes for online video poker.

Today, let’s go over a few easy rules and strategies. Hopefully it will increase your odds of winning.

#1 Captain Obvious’s Simple Rules

The simple rules are you are dealt five cards. You don’t play against a dealer (which helps), so the only thing you have to do is get a pair of Jacks or anything better to win. So, let’s say you have A, J, 9, 7, 2 in your initial hand. Since you need a pair of Jacks or better, you would want to discard the 9, 7, 2 and hope the three new cards have an Ace, Jack, or a higher pair to help you win.

Jacks or Better

Understanding Jacks or better video poker is pretty simple, and if you’re a poker player, you already understand the game, so it’s kind of like those Captain Obvious commercials.  However, if you haven’t played before and want to learn more just read the rules and get the basics down. The strategies I discuss below will be more important to memorize.

#2 Know Everything Better than a Pair of Jacks

Real quick; it’s crucial to know all the payouts in video poker. Here’s a quick list below:

Pair of Jacks
Pair of Queens
Pair of Kings
Pair of Aces
Two Pair
Full House
Straight Flush
Royal Flush

When you’re gambling, it’s real easy to get sucked into going for the biggest win. However, the chances are greatly diminished when you take this approach. If you want to win money over the long term, you have to be consistent with your strategy. One of the most common “potential” wins in Video Poker is a flush.

Flushes require all cards to be the same suit, and video poker loves spitting out 4 cards of the same suit, in one hand. Do you go for the flush? This depends on whether or not you have a chance with anything else. If you are up in regards to your bankroll, then I would tell you; YES. If you’re down, you want to focus on consistent wins, especially if you have a few high cards (jacks or above) in your hand.

The point is; you should try for the flush in some instances, but don’t do it every time. Remember that the house has the odds, and most of the time a flush won’t surface.

#3 Don’t Give Up a Guaranteed Win

I have done this myself over the years (I wasn’t as smart back then, lol) and it bit me in the back side. For instance, there have been several times I’ve had a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces in my hand, but had a chance to win a straight, flush, or three-of-a-kind. Now, over the past 30 years this has probably happened a couple hundred times, and unfortunately I can’t remember winning once. So any time you have Jacks or better from the get-go, take the win and try to build on it with two pair if you have another high card, or a three-of-a-kind.

It’s easy to see that these are basic rules and strategies to video poker. I’ll go more in-depth in my next piece, when you’re ready to take your knowledge to the next level.

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