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Five tips to win at video poker

To win at video poker, you will need to have plenty of luck and some great skills. You will need to have luck when you receive your cards. However, when we are discussing about the necessary skills, we need to mention more aspects. It does not matter what kind of game play strategy you use, you can always depend on the following tips to win at video poker.

  1. Use only Full Pay Machines when you play

Before you even begin playing, you will need to analyze the payout schedule, as they will point out the winnings that you will receive at every hand. You need to know that 9/6 is a full pay in a Jacks or Better Video Poker game. Therefore, in case you make a Flush, you will obtain 6 coins, and when you make a Full House, you will obtain 9 coins. Most of the casinos pay out less than 9/6, so don`t expect to win big money when playing in the long run.

  1. Try to play max coins

A popular mistake performed by most beginner players is to play fewer coins at the hands. To obtain more coins when you make a Royal Flush, you need to bet max coins. You should play at a low coin size in case you worry that your bankroll will finish too fast. You can always play a free version of video poker to get used to the playing styles.

  1. Don`t play more than you can afford

Winning in Video Poker involves having some luck. Don`t try to increase your luck pumping coins into the machine. You will not be able to win every day, so don`t exaggerate in your bets. You need to quit playing as soon as you reached the limit of money that you are willing to lose.

  1. Be patient

In this game, you will be facing a machine, and there is no time limit involved. Pay attention to the cards that you receive every hand. Make your move carefully since there is no time limit involved in the game. Wait until you are ready to press the draw button.

  1. Benefit from the “Play for Free” Games

Playing free games can help you increase your experience in case you are at the beginning of the road. You will find a “Play for free” version of the game at every online casino that you choose. You can develop and improve your own strategy simply by taking advantage of these free versions.


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