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Video Poker

Introduction to video poker

One of the most exciting casino games that players can enjoy in a mobile casino is video poker. As is the case with most casino games, it was developed for land-based gaming venues such as pubs and casinos, but just like slots, it has successfully been transferred online and now, with wireless network technologies, to mobile devices as well.

Generally, video poker games are based on the classic five-card draw poker; however, instead of competing against other players, the player uses a machine. Similarly to slots, the player does not need to worry that other, more seasoned players are going to take advantage of his or her lack of experience. On the contrary, with this type of casino game you bet against “the house”. This is what makes this game particularly appropriate for players on the go who do not need to worry that they are going to lose money to other players due to a lack of concentration.

So, how exactly does one play video poker? Even though there might be different game variations, the rules are quite simple and easy to grasp. First, you need to bet a certain amount of money or credits and then you click on the “deal” button. You are then given cards from a virtual deck. Just like in a regular poker game, you need to look at the cards that you have been dealt, and make a decision whether to substitute one or more of those cards for other cards from the virtual deck. Naturally, the purpose is to build the strongest card combination possible, since the game will pay out if the hand or hands played match any of the winning combinations in the game.

Video poker games

Even though the rules of the different video poker games are quite similar, there are nevertheless different variations, with “Deuces Wild” and “Jacks or Better” being the most common ones.

In “Deuces Wild”, the main rule is that all twos can be used as wildcards, meaning that you can use them as a substitute for any other card in the deck that you might need so as to form a better winning combination. As for “Jacks or Better”, which is also called “Draw Poker”, the payoffs in the game begin at a pair of jacks.

How to play video poker in a mobile casino

If you have decided to try some video poker games in a mobile casino, you basically need to register at that casino (if you are a new player, that is) and then check whether you need to download the casino software or whether you are able to use the flash casino option.

Usually, mobile casinos offer a demo mode for video poker as well, which will help players get acquainted with the game rules and learn more about the different game variations and combinations that can potentially bring them more winnings. This is quite important, since the player needs to make certain decisions which will have an impact on the outcome of the game.


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